Organic or Not? Check the Label

Organic or Not? Check the Label

The most important thing about any Skin Care Product is not its packaging and marketing spiel but its Ingredients. This is where to start if you want to be sure of what you are subjecting your face and body to.

My interest here is whether or not the ingredients of any particular product read more like a deliciously healthy food label where all can be sourced from the earth.

What makes a skincare product NOT organic?

That is very easy to define: When it contains ingredients that are not actually grown organically.

But you have to be very careful here. In actual fact the term ‘organic’ is not regulated and does not require that every ingredient of any particular product is plant sourced. Be sure to examine each and every ingredient and its origins.

So why organic skin care? Does it really matter what we put on our skin? Organic farming methods produce raw materials that are free from chemical residues that can irritate the skin, or have the potential to cause the body long-term harm. Another very positive reason for only using pure organic ingredients on our skin is that their nutrient levels are much higher.

As organically grown food benefits our health so organically sourced ingredients benefit our skin.

Richard Walker, founder of Dr Botanicals and Skin Chemist skin care products, says:

“Clean Beauty Matters, never probably more so than now. Clean, Natural, Vegan Beauty with Ethics delivering Real Results with no nasties”

 I totally agree. Our skin absorbs whatever we put on it and who wants to use pesticides or synthetics on their skin. Far better to apply Natural, Organic products that give the highest quality care for our skin

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